Hall of Fame Spring 2013 Delivery 1 Lookbook

For our first Spring delivery, we have released various styles of Tees, Raglans, Fleece, Snapbacks, 5-Panels and two New Era Fitteds. The Snapbacks & 5-Panels this season feature a variety of materials from corduroy, leather and classic wool. For our New Era Fitteds this delivery, we offer the H Love Fitted and the Fame Block, which features a metallic embroidery on the top visor. Our Fleece this season is made of french terry cotton. We have utilized and featured embroidery on two styles, the Cover Logo Fill Crewneck and Snafu Pullover along side our printed and nylon applique graphics.

This delivery now available online and instore at the Fairfax flagship location.

Hall of Fame
449 N. Fairfax Ave.
LA,CA 90036

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